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The 15-25% APY: is that estimated or guaranteed on the NFT?
The 15% - 25% APY is estimated based on the historical value of the asset. Market performance is also a key factor. The two main components that affect APY include rent yield and the asset’s market value appreciation (revaluated annually by CBRE an International third party). Investors will receive rental yield in cash quarterly from operation and NFT price appreciation from asset revaluation annually.
Who can invest with Metain?
Metain applies Blockchain technology and NFT characteristics to tokenize Real Estates assets creating a new market for investment by following REIT regulations (Real Estate Investment Trust). You can get started investing in Real Estate with only $10 USD. Each NFT represents a digital certificate backed by a real world property asset plus the real estate’s income streams.
Who will hold the property deeds to insure the investors interests are protected?
Metain follows REIT regulation (Real Estate Investment Trust), therefore we must have a third party bank custodian hold the titles to the properties or assets. It is the duty of the bank custodian to hold all assets. Also be responsible to prepare any and all reports before making final decisions on those income producing property or assets according to the contracted agreement.
Why does Metain take pride in our financial and tax audits?
Deloitte will conduct audits at Metain twice a year. June, the end of the second quarter, and December at the end of the fourth quarter. This is to ensure financial transparency and that all tax obligations are in full compliance. Each quarter, REIT NFT holders will receive a financial statement and their precise share of income on rental properties that selected to invest in.
Who will evaluate the property’s value?
CBRE is the third party that evaluates the fund’s assets and is the basis for REIT NFT evaluation annually. This fosters favorable conditions for investors to buy, sell and exchange NFT at Metain’s Marketplace, Binance NFT marketplace or between two willing parties.
Is Metain a long-term investment?
Absolutely. Like all private real estate investments, investments in Metain should be viewed as long-term (5+ years + 1 year + 1 year). Dependent on stakeholder voting to decide years six and seven. This is because nearly all of the most effective real estate investing strategies require a combination of both expertise and well-timed payoff. We only select strategies based on their optimized long-term return potential for our investors, not short-term optics. Metain is a co-investment platform and trading platform to allows our NFT holders to cash out at any time.
What does investor's money look like in a bankruptcy scenario?
The Bank Custodian manages all property deeds, Metain can only take the role of an Asset Manager. Therefore, even if Metain goes bankrupt, the assets (under the Bank Custodian's agreement) will be sold by the Bank under the supervision of law firms Morgan Lewis, DN Legal and following all legal and legal authority protocols to return all funds to our investors.
Who owns the assets?
Metain’s only role is that of an Asset Management entity. The third-party bank provides custodial services holding all deeds to property and assets (Bank Custodian). The Bank does not own the asset at any point of time. It is merely part of an immutable chain of registers linking the holder to the security. The NFT unit-holders are upon investment the sole owners of the assets.
What does Tokenizing real estate mean?
Tokenization involves generating a virtual token / NFT that represents ownership of a real estate or other asset. Tokenizing also makes cross-border investments easier, while a distributed ledger offers the benefits of secure transaction records and transparency.
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